Sun Khanij Bhandar Micronutrient

Plant Micronutrient

Sun KhanijBhandar is a specially chelated micronutrient containing zinc, ferrous, copper, molybdenum, manganese, boron and cobalt. It remains soluble even in alkaline soil with pH of 9 giving excellent nutrient base to plant. This is offered in a granular as well as liquid form. Micronutrients are needed by all plants in small proportions and are not found in conventional organic or inorganic fertilizers, in the desired proportions needed by the plant.

The main advantage of using Sun KhanijBhandar over other brands of micronutrient is that Sun KhanijBhandar micronutrient contains molybdenum which leads to faster absorption of nutrients by the plant.

We offer Micronutrient Buyer Label. We also customize micronutrients to your need. If you require a specific formulation, or have specific deficiency in your soil, we can customize supply the same the micronutrient.

Our existing formulation of micronutrient is specially suited for fruit and vegetable crops and is most commonly used in Banana and Chilly plantations.