Sunrich Organic Manure

Organic Fertilizer

Under this brand name, we make highest quality of organic manure by aerobic composting of Banana waste and many other plant sources such as aonla, Terminalia chebula, Calotropis etc. using actinomycetes. The compost is fortified with Trichoderma viridea and Paciliomyce sliliance giving bio-control properties against soil borne fungal and nematode disease.

This novel organic manure makes use of banana wastage which is hard to compost due to its chemical nature. Due to our patented (patent pending) bacterial consortium, this process is possible to be completed in only 4-5 month. The Manure is naturally rich in organic potash and 20 times richer in organic content than FYM and has unique property of buffering the soil pH.

Plant Growth Regulator:

We also make auxin, cytokinin and growth retardant based formulations of Plant growth regulators for field application for different crops, customized to your specification.


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