Speedy Dharu™ Plug Plants

plug plants

Plug plants, liner plugs or starter plants are small-sized seedlings grown in trays in climate controlled environment, ensuring high rate of germination so that resulting plants can be used by farmers for successful, virtually failsafe growing. These plants have well established root systems, and are ready to plant in farmer's field. This reduces cost of purchasing hybrid seedlings for the farmer, ensures he has field ready plants with minimal mortality and can take an intermediate crop harvest faster than planting from seed.

Our in house research scientists have developed a novel and unique protocol for the production of plug. This enhances the capacity of seedlings to withstand water stress, improves its disease resistance and ensures more than 90% germination in almost all of our current products. These plugs are delivered to the grower in standard packing over long distances across State borders. Compared to conventionally raised seedlings, these plugs show improved and speedy, improved and uniform growth resulting in better yields.

Our plug plants are so successful that we have taken trademark as Speedy Dharu™ meaning fast growing unique seedling.

For the underprivileged farmers or growers with smaller holding and poor financial health, products such as novel seedling plug technology Speedy Dharu™ plug plants or seedlings have lead to turn around of farmers' economic health and social status.

Sun Agrigenetics has successfully transferred the seedling plug technology for vegetables via Horticulture Office to an impoverished area in North Eastern India. The farmers in this region were tribal with small marginal holdings, and were economically poor off.

The Speedy Dharu™ plug technology has lead to an increase of tomato fruit production in the area to as much as 30% in farmer's field. This has lead to great improvement in farmer confidence and economic condition within just one year.

Made as per your order in our modern greenhouse, our current range includes: Cucumber, Lettuce, Broccoli, Hybrid Chilly, Capsicum, Tomato, Watermelon, Muskmelon, Papaya, Brinjal, Drumstick, Bedding ornamental flowering plants like Petunia, Cosmos, Aster, Marigold etc.


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